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Rihanna – O2 Arena, London

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Rihanna, the hottest Barbadian ever to grace the music industry took over the O2 arena on Wednesday night as she kicked off her UK tour in a sizzling manner.

It is becoming more and more evident that Rihanna has completely cut off all R&B ties and transformed into a major mainstream pop sensation. Her music is still brilliant nevertheless, but when the O2 arena is full to the brim with young children clinging to their parents as they watch this superstar strip off and raunch about in just her underwear, it begs the question on whether or not this is really acceptable in the pop music industry.

Don’t get me wrong, when she kicked things off emerging from a spherical-like pod singing ‘Only Girl in the World’, it was absolutely fantastic! I think we all appreciated Rihanna’s own little drum solo and the crash test dummy man who stood on his head throughout Rihanna’s hard riffed song ‘Shut Up And Drive’. I can’t say I appreciated the constant guitar solos, but I definitely appreciated Rhiana going back to her Caribbean roots as she performed her latest single ‘Hard’.

However, as much as I couldn’t get enough of her music, I couldn’t help but feel like she was using sex appeal and theatrics to divert our attention from her incredible talent. We all know Rihanna is gorgeous, so her unique singing style that has been fused with reggae and hip hop shouldn’t therefore be overshadowed by the fact that she is sliding across the floor wearing next to nothing.

Overall, it was an awesome gig that no doubt had an audience entertained throughout its entirety. We were blessed with a really good performance that captivated just about everyone in attendance. I can’t complain because I did enjoy myself, but I still don’t believe the nudity is absolutely necessary or appropriate – shame on you Rihanna, you’re supposed to set an example!


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