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Ryan Molloy – Battersea Park Studios

Battersea Park Studios

Ryan Molloy showcased his unique music style at Battersea Park Studios formerly known as Sphere Studios.  Sphere Studios have hosted a number of talented Bands including Duran Duran, Elton John & The Boomtown Rats. This very modern Studio with its optimum acoustics sound & friendly staff was the perfect venue for this intimate Gig.

Since playing the lead role as Frankie Valli in the massive hit Musical Jersey Boys for over 6 Years,  had made Ryan the longest running star in a London West End Musical and also one of the few stars whom had played the role in London & Broadway.

Ryan is no stranger to  playing  large audiences at arenas with his time replacing Holly Johnson in Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  It has been over a Year since Ryan’s last sell out Gig at the World famous London Hippodrome, this private gig was always going to be unique with fewer than 70 in the audience.

Arriving on stage at 11pm after several talented acts showcasing their music the tension with the heat  was rising. Ryan’s previous CD “Turn on the Night “was end to end with Ballads & Rock Melodies so there was a feeling on what journey we will be taken on tonight.  Ryan literally hits the stage with his Band including dancing girls and  his good friend Douglas Horner on Guitar. The first song  hits the audience like a rocket with a hard thumping Funk sound a totally different music direction from his previous CD & live performances. The pace of the music was fully charged & electrifying as well as the dance routines with Ryan and the dancers.  The audience followed Ryan through this journey as the Band played their music set of Funk numbers, these unique sounds with Douglas heavy Guitar riffs created an amazing atmospheric night.  With Ryan & the Band clearly enjoying the evening playing their soulful Funk tunes and members of the audience dancing it quickly become clear that the night showcase was a massive success.

If  you had tuned in with Ryan’s career in the Musical Jersey Boys his own music style will  not only surprise you but will show you some of the many talents this man has on offer. Future projects from Ryan awaiting release dates include Live at the Hippodrome DVD, Suntan CD for further information & future performances you can find through & Facebook.


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