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The Drums – Lexington, London


Photo by pahudson

It had been far too long since the Brooklyn, New York trio, The Drums had captured London in their 80’s indie presence and given us a show like no other. In fact it had been almost a year and a half, but they were back with a vengeance on Tuesday 6th September when they jammed the socks off us in East London’s Lexington bar.

Complimenting their vintage appeal was a venue oozing with that classic burlesque and blues club feel and an army of fashion savvy followers to bring the place to life!

Just as we were dazzled by their self titled album released last year, they exploded with new music out of no where and they decided to present us with a taster of it as like a pre-warm up for their upcoming tour this winter. Mixing new songs such as the album opener ‘Book of Revelation’, with older stuff like ‘The Future’ and ‘I Need Fun in My Life’ which almost felt like something Joy Division would have once churned out, they had managed to easily excite us! Despite a lack of movement from an image conscious audience, you could tell they loved it all the same as they discreetly nodded their heads every now and then.

From the high strapped twin guitars to the 80’s disco Boogie Nights moves that front man Jonathan Pierce was pulling off, you couldn’t help but almost feel like you had been whisked back in time to a gig with The Smiths playing live.

Overall it was a fantastic experience. The Drums managed to bring Portamento to life and although the new stuff isn’t drastically different to their older material, you can definitely tell have tried to bring out a bit of progression in their music. The lack of change isn’t so bad though when you realize that this lot are really very good to begin with.


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