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The Futureheads – Acapella, Manchester

Royal Northern
9.0 10 Excellent

I’ve never really liked The Futureheads. I always felt they were one of those bands that got swept up with the hype of British indie bands in the mid 2000’s but didnt’t have much substance. They did have a few good hits, but they never really grabbed me. This week I was invited to join a friend to watch the band at the Royal Northern College of Music.

The support band were called the Cornshed Sisters, another band who are based from the North East. They are a four piece, piano, two guitars and what I think was a half sized guitar, but it looked like ukulele. They sang beautifully. The songs were a mix of guitar picking acoustics, strong rhythms with melodic piano and complete acapella. Some gems ‘Dance at my wedding’ and ‘If you were mine’… a cheeky little tune which just made me want to hop about smiling, Their harmonies were piercingly good, I spent most of their performance with my eyes closed, jut listening. So yes, I was impressed, I fell in love with the lead Jennie for half an hour, bit nervous talking to her later, I didn’t tell her though, bit weird.

Once Ross from the Futureheads had finished selling merchandise outside the theatre a huge cheer rang out as the band came on stage carrying their guitars. The mood was relaxed, the band were cracking jokes the whole way though, especially when their instruments misbehaved. The set included old English acapella songs, which were aided by the Cornshed Sisters and the Northern Quarter Boys and Girls Choir. The sound was big and exciting and diverse, it was also interesting to watch the leaser singer, Barry Hydes, conducting the choir. My favourite acapella song was one about a pub that was one fire, which involved the audience shouting ‘Macintyre!’, good fun. The band also played some of their classic songs such as ‘Man Ray’ and ‘It’s the Beginning of the Twist’. They were vocally very good, you can see they’ve worked hard on this and it has paid off. The main aspect of the gig was the rapport between the band and between the band and the audience, it was very relaxed and you could really get a sense of each member’s character. They ended the set with ‘Hounds of Love’, classic.

So, at the end of all this I declare myself a Futureheads fan. They’ve really gone up in my estimation, perhaps this has been a mturing process, where they’ve been experimenting with new ideas, and I credit that all the way, or perhaps this is their true passion. Whatever the case, they were good and commanded the performance expertly and I had a good night and I am one happy chappy.


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