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The King Blues – The Roundhouse, Camden

9.0 10 Excellent

November 2nd 2011 – Viva La Punk

As 9pm arrives, the lone figure of Jonny Fox arrives on stage in the spotlight . It quickly becomes obvious he is excited to be here. The rise and rise of The King Blues is not lost on him as he excitedly details how not too long ago they were playing the ‘Purple Turtle’ up the road and now they’re commanding the stage of the impressive Camden Roundhouse.

What if Punk Never Happened is a mesmerising start to the night as Itch wanders through his captivating poem. When the rest of the band join him on stage we are all very ready for a night of new tunes, old favourites and generally a big party to celebrate London’s favourite ska / punk /folk band.

Modern Life has Let Me Down and Power to the People are new songs which prove TKB are still full of radical lyrics and words that need to be said. An eclectic mix of audience are kept happy throughout, some are very pleased with the positive views of ‘occupy’ and the tongue in cheek praise of the daily mail’s review of Set The World On Fire . Others just want to see Jonny with his ukulele. All of them however are united in the sing-along styles of My Boulder, I Got Love and Headbutt.

The King Blues don’t want to leave the stage. Ever. And on this performance, please just let them carry on up there. As curfew approaches though it is shortly time to get home through the fiery pits of Camden Town, but not before we all kindly get an invite on stage to join the gang for their encore. A mass of bodies, smiling faces and slightly worried security is a fitting end to a great night.

Could the last one out please turn off the light?


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