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The Maccabees -The Leadmill, Sheffield

The Leadmill, Sheffield
4.0 10 OK

The Maccabees kick off their new UK tour after scoring a number 1 album with ‘Given to the wild‘ just weeks ago. The Leadmill, Sheffield is the place chosen to kick things off and it seems a wise choice as tickets sold out in under a week. No surprise though as The Maccabees have the kind of dedicated followers needed for a long stint in this business.

They don’t seem to buckle under the pressure tonight. Front man Orlando Weeks displays his usual understated and almost awkward performance but the crowd love it. The new tracks give the set an extra dimension. Out of which, latest single Pelican receives the best crowd response already bedding itself in as a new fan favourite.

The older albums still have lots to offer live. This is apparent with Can You Give It and Love You Better  showing the band have made use of their many years on the scene. It’s safe to say Given to the wild is not a huge change in direction for the band. Although it does offer the freshness injection needed to crawl onwards and upwards. This is clear tonight. It’s the start of the tour so it’s a little rough around the edges. Somehow, I don’t see a problem filling out the remaining shows and you won’t be disappointed if you partake!


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