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The Rifles – Junction, Cambridge

Junction, Cambridge
7.0 10 Awesome

Seasoned pro’s shine to turnaround an otherwise forgettable gig…

The Rifles are a hardworking band, especially when it comes to touring, tonight they hit Cambridge Junction at the tail end of a long string of UK dates. Showcasing tracks from latest album ‘None the Wiser‘ mixed with the old fans favourites.

To say the crowd are not onboard,  is an understatment. This coupled with the lack of atmosphere, clearly influences the bands performance. Tracks that usually set rooms alight, seem to just plod along with no real urgency or presence. Drumming drowns out the rest of the band as the sound man must be catching 5 minutes sleep.

Songs like Go Lucky, Sometimes and The Great Escape stand out the most for the first half as The Rifles try their dammdest to turn things around….and turn it around they do!

The Rfiles are seasoned pro’s and this shows as they battle on through and don’t give up, despite probably feeling rather flat by now. By the time the big guns of Local Boy and Spend a Lifetime (Acoustic) and Toe Rag come out, the crowd are well and truly on-side!

An Encore of Romeo and Julie and the fabulously different ‘Under & Over‘ send the night out on bang.

This turnaround is down to The Band and nobody else (well maybe the sound man woke up) showing any youngsters ermerging on the live scene, that no matter the circumstances, chin up and keep on plugging away – you’ll get your reward.

The band head out to Europe next before a string of UK festival dates including the big Libertines Reunion in Hyde Park this summer. No doubt, they’ll be hoping for a more resposive crowd – but they should change nothing in their attitude and approach to gigs.


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