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The Rifles – The Junction, Cambridge

Junction, Cambridge
4.0 10 OK

The Rifles don their trademark mod gear and welcome a somewhat dubious crowd to Cambridge Junction to kick off their new album tour Freedom Run. With an arsenal of crowd pleasing hits that could be likened to a modern day premier league football team. I’m stood pondering what the squad will be tonight? How will they keep the fans happy? Will it be by playing the tried and tested older legends but at the same time giving the youngsters in the squad a chance?

They start well, kicking off with some tracks from Freedom RunMoving On and Tangled up in love before hurling a volley of oldies to whip the crowd up. It works, and they lap up Peace and Quiet and Repeated Offender and we now have a mosh pit! Well, as much moshing as you can do to indie. Ok, let’s call it a pogo pit!

You can tell the band are still getting to grips with the new material and bedding in with each other. A few dropped notes and forgotten words haunt Joel and Luke throughout but the new tunes are so good, that the crowd aren’t in the least bit bothered about mistakes. This is the first night also, so…

This tour is all about the new album, so instead of harping on about the classics (as easy as it is to do) I feel I should talk about Freedom Run. Nothing Matters, Get Low and Long Walk back stand out at The Junction tonight. Luke’s new venture on lead vocals is welcomed on songs like Sweetest Thing and injects a fresh vibe into the band. A few times we see him look to Joel for a reaction who graciously laughs and nods his approval!

Freedom Run is going down well with fans and I think by the time the tour finishes, this album will take up a place in the rifles fans hearts next to No Love Lost and  Great Escape. They expertly mix old with new to give fans a set and therefore a night that more than outweighs the £12.50 entrance fee.

A strong end to the set sees them pull out the big guns including Hometown Blues, Freedom Run, Local Boy and of course the signature rifles tune, Romeo and julie.

Overall, it’s safe to say the boys kept everyone happy and to return to my football metaphor – The youngsters mixed it well with the older legends and there was still a few world class ones on the bench. Maybe they’ll get a game as the tour goes on!

A well deserved win boys!!


Set List

Tangled Up
Peace n quiet
Repeated offender
Long walk back
Sweetest thing
Great escape
Nothing matters
Out In the past
I Get low
Love is a Key
Winter Calls
Little blue boy
Spend a lifetime
Hometown blues
Coming home
Local boy
Romeo n Julie


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