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The Script – HMV Ritz, Manchester

HMV Ritz, Manchester
7.0 10 Good

Getting Josh Osho in front of the right audience who will appreciate his music is what needs to be done to get his career moving upwards. He has toured with Emeli Sande and now with The Script whose audience he seemed suited to.

His voice has a soulful rasp, sounding like John Legend at times, so much so you expect him to break into Ordinary People at any time, not that he needs to as his own self-written songs are just as good and are of a high standard. Home for your Birthday hits the mark as does S.O.S. Former single Redemption Days leaves you wondering why it was not a big hit in the first place. Dressed in T shirt and denim shorts in this sweltering venue, he had a good band around him; the bass player feels the music does as much Josh does. A name to watch out for.

The Script are one of those bands who if someone asked you name one of their tracks, you might have difficulty with but in a live context you find yourself knowing more tracks than you thought.

Of course lead singer, Danny O’Donoghue’s profile has never been higher thanks to his stint as a coach on The Voice. The gig starts off with him standing on top of one of the band’s amplifiers as he launches into new single, Hall of Fame. With his arm gestures of those you would expect from a rapper such as Kanye West the track might not have on vocals tonight but it did not matter as the audience sang every word loudly .At times it felt like gate crashing a private party.

The Script is not just Danny O’Donoghue, it was refreshing to hear guitarist Mark Sheehan introduce some of the songs and what inspired the tracks. An acoustic version of I’m Yours was a set highlight. Experiencing the band in such an intimate venue was a rare occasion. When O’Donoghue appears towards the end of the gig standing on the balcony at the rear of the venue it was chance for the fans to get even closer.

If You Could See Me now was dedicated to everyone who had lost their parents – the song was sung with conviction and was a touching sentiment. For the First Time closes the 90 minute set. It will probably be the last time the band play venues of this size but as a way of re-introducing them back on to the live scene and to plug the new album, it worked superbly with the whole gig being an unexpected surprise.


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