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Tribes – Barfly @ East Village Arts Club, Liverpool

East Village Arts Club
8.0 10 Great

Last night, as part of the ‘Becks Live showcase of emerging talent’, Tribes shown Liverpool why, although once classed as emerging, are taking the indie scene by storm. The chosen venue, once and old decaying theatre, was now recently refurbished and revamped in order to sport the joys of live music. With the house music blurring out rock classics all night long, the crowd were getting rowdy, and who can blame them?

With a solid London based back-up, there would never have been a doubt in allocating the support slots to the two chosen support bands. Firstly, 12 Dirty Bullets opened the night, and from the off, their haunting melodies and powerful vocals created a wall of sound that left the crowd only demanding more. The gig progressed and the band even seemed  pleasantly surprised upon hearing their own songs chanted back at them, as a result of the hardcore fans thrown within the mix. As more fans were creeping through the doors, it was inevitable that the night could only await what was to come.

Before Tribes had a chance to take to the stage, the up-and-coming band themselves Life in Film took over the stage. Favouring the softer side of the indie culture, the drones of the guitars and the flawless vocal performance managed to calm the restless crowds and instead mesmerise them into their own little atmospheric world. Their more easy-listening aspects kept the hands swaying and feet tapping without fault until the last note.

The lights dimmed, the crowds gathered, and the faint scream of one fan turned into a huge uproar as Tribes finally showed their faces in the city that was home to their first album. From the instant the drum roll that signals ‘When My Day Comes‘ stunned the crowd, not one person remained still. Jumping, pushing, moshing and screaming, all wanted a chance to see everybody’s new favourite band. Not one word was left unsung as even the new songs had been thoroughly learnt and relayed back to them at ten times the volume. Even the more acoustic-based songs of the set didn’t dim the adrenaline rush that seemed to be bouncing off the walls of the room. Despite being a warm-up gig in the sense of the upcoming tour for their new album, the atmosphere resembled nothing less than that of  a painfully loud festival audience. As the floor was cloaked in the sweat of the fans and the drinks that were most probably bought in order to launch them across the room, the band left no doubt in anybody’s minds as to why they are on of the most highly regarded band on the indie scene. They were a up-and-coming band, but they’ve now arrived, Tribes are here to stay and will be coming to a venue near you!

Tribes were talking to at Bar Fly in Liverpool ahead of headlining for Beck’s Live.  Kate Nash headlines next month at BarFly in Camden.  For tickets follow go to


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