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Yuck – Live at the Macbeth

The Macbeth
7.5 10 Great

First come the side projects, then the side bands, then finally the lead singer quits and the band collapses. It’s the natural life cycle in the strange ecosystem of the music world. But all evidence is that despite Daniel Blumberg’s departure Yuck’s sound is as strong and fresh as ever.

The Macbeth has been packed to the rafters for over an hour before Yuck take the stage. People take up positions precariously hanging from the stairway to get a view of the new line-up ;with Max Bloom now behind the mic alongside new guitarist Ed Hayes. Opener ‘Middle Sea’ from ‘Glow and Behold’ (out September 30th) has Max throbbing “I won’t run away forever / I won’t run away forever / I don’t want to wait forever,” backed by the catchy hook and fuzzy guitars combo that sees it blend almost seamlessly into older singles ‘Georgia’ and ‘Holing Out’; where Max strains well to emulate Blumberg’s murky ,crackling,

Other new tracks see the band moving away from the Dinosaur Jr-esk grunge guitars that symbolized the acclaimed eponymous debut and into something cleaner and more traditionally shoegaze.Blooms natural voice is much more silky that his predecessor and thus feels much more at home behind this more dreamy,honeyed glaze.  The set list concludes with a staggering good cover of early New Order singleAge of Consent’ followed by ‘Operation’; the only track from the debut to have max on lead vocals. If the purpose of this series of shows is to display that Yuck are thriving not just in but also out of the studio ,despite Bloomfield’s exodus, then it can only be marked as a huge success but alas they are also flying the sombre flag for the ‘Save The Macbeth campaign’.

Since opening its doors the Macbeth has seen early performances from The XX, Florence and the Machine, Roots Manuva, Franz Ferdinand and Pete Doherty making it a key hotbed in the east London music scene. However if local planning goes ahead to add 9 new flats surrounding the venue many fear that noise complains may result in a loss of licence. After spending the best night of my fresher’s entranced by one of my favourite bands within this magical, disco ball illuminated, 100 year old, bar I can only implore you to sign this petition.


Middle Sea (New Single)

Holing Out



Get Away

Rebirth (New Single)


The Wall

Age Of Consent (New Order cover)



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