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Crazy P Interview – Standon Calling Preview


For those that are less acquainted with Crazy P, the band have been crafting house, dance and techno masterpieces since back in ’96, as well as becoming a sought after live festival act across the world. You only have to look at this years summers schedule to see that this band obviously hit a note with the gig going masses and organisers. Ahead of their appearance at this years Standon Calling Festival (3rd/4th August), Crazy P took time out to speak to The Gig Review about all things musical, their latest  album “When We On” being acclaimed as some of their best work and what their view is, of the current music scene…oh and of course, how Danny became Danielle!

You seem to love the festival circuit and the festivals seem to love you. Do you think you’re style of music was made for the festival crowds and is the crowd reaction something that keeps you coming back each year?

Yea, in a lot of ways your right. Our music seems to resonate well at festivals, we don’t take our selves too seriously and enjoy being up on stage. We’re all festival lovers as well so its a comfortable habitat. There are so many festivals at the moment and new ones popping up all the time so theres always something new and fresh to take the place of the old and smelly!

With a massive FIVE albums to your name, how the hell do you decide what makes it into a live set?

It can be difficult! Lots of factors come into play and its about getting the right balance and ultimately having a set that works and is gonna do the business. There has to be some old favs in there, we need to represent the new album as much as possible, try new things out to see if they work, dig out some old forgotten gems, change it up a bit so that it stays fresh.

Crazy P have been around since 1996, how much do you think the live music scene has evolved over the years and in particular, you’re genre!

I think its become much more important now to be able to put on a live show, especially for small scale artists like ourselves. The music industry is still going through massive chance and upheaval, things have turned on their head and the rules are still being rewritten. Decent profit from record sales for small artists can no longer be relied upon. In the past a live show would promote an album, now its the other way round. Being at a live gig is a unique experience that can’t be digitised (not yet anyway), its become an important money earner for us, it helps you stand out from the crowd where practically everyone can be a bedroom music producer. The technology has really helped electronic and dance artists make that transition to the live stage, but you still need to be able to project a good performance, being cleaver and creative will always shine through.

You guys seem a perfect fit for this year’s Standon Calling festival! The whole vibe of the festival and you’re music just seems a marriage made in heaven. Do you know much about the festival and what can we expect from Crazy P?

I don’t know much about it but had a quick look on the website and it looks a lot of fun. Nice size, beautiful surroundings, shame we can’t be there for the whole weekend. You can expect a full frontal attack of music with love!

Cheesy, cliché question alert but…If you had to sum up the experience to date in 3 words, what would they be? so far? well maybe Funny Old Game

When We On is the newest album released on 2020 Vision and has been reviewed as one of your best. Do you think Crazy P’s sound has matured with age?

We’d like to think so! Each album we’ve done has always had some thing a bit different from the previous one, often influenced by what we’re into at the time and what we’ve been listening to. For the latest album, we’ve dug a bit deeper from within and is perhaps our most mature and complete to date. As a whole it has a mood and a vibe, partly to do with our state of mind and partly to do with the way it was written. For this one we kept the writing just between the three of us and kept the production tight between me and jim, the way we feel we work best.

Lately on the website, we’ve been asking bands to recall the experience of the first live gig they can remember doing? Could you tell us yours? (individually or collectively)

Our first proper live gig was in Brixton, at a night called Come Shake the Hole, we were all nervous as hell, don’t have too many recollection of the actual gig but saw some pictures someone had dug out recently and we all looked about 12! Maurice Fulton was Djing afterwards in a dress.

Lastly, everyone I’ve spoke to whilst gathering these interview questions have said, ‘ask them, why the name Crazy P’ and you’ve said before ‘rumour and speculation are far more interesting than the truth.’ do you still stick to this or can you enlighten us?

Oh good heavens, you guys! Well we’ll all rue the day we called ourselves Crazy Penis, we had to lob of the “enis” so to speak to save embarrassment with relatives, council run venues, prudish sensibilities of certain countries, and also Danny our singer at the time became Danielle…so it seemed appropriate! Sorry Dani..of course that last bit isn’t true.

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