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Festival Fresh Winners Tubries Play Standon Calling


Tubries made the first festival debut at Standon Calling on Friday with an afternoon main stage set that moved them up the bill from the original opening slot.

The band fought off stiff competition from hundreds of local bands that entered the Festival Fresh competition this summer, and their set proved they were more than worthy winners.

As expected, there wasn’t a massive audience but this didn’t deter the 4 piece from Stevenage from enjoying themselves. Front man Kaj telling us afterwards “It was just great to play on a stage that could handle everything

They sounded like seasoned professionals, especially on songs like ‘Approach With Caution‘ and the rockingly upbeat ‘Down In Presland‘.

They changed pace mid-set and got a great crowd reaction with the more mellow ‘Higher Mind‘ and ‘Discoloured Language‘, proving this bands versatility and ability to change gear effortlessly.

Kaj’s vocals are melodic yet hit the notes with the force of a hurricane, Guitarist Lloyd’s expert slash’esque guitar technique coupled together with a very tight rhythm section, prove this band can more than perform on the big stage.

Photos by Adam Parrott

The band even has time to pull out a new track, which they dedicate to “The Clark Family“. This is followed with a strong finish to proceedings with the winning competition track ‘A Lyric Should Be Lover‘. With a rock rift that features throughout, Lyric is the perfect track for a festival.

Some guys in front of me look at each other perplexed, as they head bang along to said rift, enquiring to each other “Who’s this band? They’re f*ckin goooood!”

The band finish on older track ‘Right Behind‘, going out on a rock ‘n roll rendezvous at back of stage for the crescendo.

It’s not the typical Festival Fresher’s set you’d expect (e.g – not full of nervous glances and dropped chords) Tubries look like they can more than deal with many more gigs like this and I’m sure they will come their way in the not so distance future. Well done lads!


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