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Interview: Andy Crofts – The Moons


We caught up with Front man of The Moons, Andy Crofts, to see how the band were getting on and asked him about collaborating with Paul Weller, Shaking off the ‘Mod’ tag and their approach to playing live. Crofts shoots straight from the hip and his passion for what he and The Moons stand for is laid open for all to see, in this honest and frank interview. Enjoy!

The Moons- The Gig ReviewQ: Firstly Andy, good to catch up with you! Can you start by filling us in on what The Moons are up to right now / most recently?

Hello there. Well, The Moons album Fables of History only came out at the end of 2012 so we now have to take it on the road etc. We have a European tour lined up for April, which we can’t wait for and then we will look into a UK tour in the summer time or something like that. I’ve been writing and writing. I’m trying to prepare towards album 3 and also writing my own solo album which will be on the side of The Moons. I have lately enjoyed just hiding away with a guitar and piano. I think that’s the best thing for me now and again….I haven’t been going out or drinking.

Q: Let’s talk the latest single “Something Soon”. You play keys for Paul Weller and he features on the track and video. Most bands would kill for the chance to collaborate with The Mod-Father, Paul must be a fan or did you call in an old favour?

We recorded half of the album at Paul’s studio so obviously he is sometimes around. Whenever something is happening in the studio he likes to check it out or even get involved. When I was speaking with him he said he would come down and play something and I just said how about singing something instead as I had a duel harmony which was perfect.

Q: That’s interesting, as that stood out for us when listening to the track, just how well your voices complement each other. Did you work on the track/arrangement together or was it a Moons song?

I had already arranged the song before Paul had even sung on it. His voice gave it the low rootsy edge I think it needed. I actually wrote the song a few years before hand and had to put it on the shelf for another day. It’s a pretty good song and it’s an honour to have my good friend Paul on there. In fact it’s a massive honour. Some people have said that The Moons use the Weller thing. I disagree though. He has become a close friend of mine and I play in his band. Everything I do is related and I can’t help it. The Moons use no one. I was and am a massive fan of Weller and if anything, it was a dream to record with him and the video was a bonus.

Q: Fables of history came out in Sept 2012. Were you happy with the final cut and how do you think it differs from your previous albums.

I am happy with it yeah. I think it has a great collection of songs on there that should be a lot bigger than they are. There are lots of singles on there but to break through in the industry these days you have to be shit. In that case I’d rather stay exactly where we are ha! I think the production on the new album is a little finer in detail than the first album as Life on earth was rushed to get it out. Both albums have strong song writing and that’s the most important thing to me. Too many bands these days have a good riff wrapped around a poor riff.

Q: What do you consider are the most important ingredients to a ‘Moons’ live gig?

Sing it like you mean it. Let yourself flow with the music with no thought, look at your crowd and add 5 table spoons of sugar

Q: It seems you guys embrace and draw influences from the mod era, is that fair to say? Some are saying 2013 is the year of the mod-revival (Bradley Wiggins etc) would you see yourself included in this?

The Moons are not a mod band. People like to say we are which is fine. Don’t get me wrong, my individual influences are that completely but my music is not. Our music is open and free of any traps. I wouldn’t want to be tagged in with some bad Weller tribute mod band as I think that’s not positive. As I said though, people can think of us how they like and whatever they feel. Let the music speak. Our sound leans towards a certain thing so it’s natural for people to put us in there. If we are included into what people are calling a new 2013 mod scene, with acts such as Miles Kane and The Strypes etc. then all that’s cool. For kids to be into a subculture and looking sharp then that’s positive!

Q: What’s been the highlight gig or tour for The Moons so far and why?

My favourite tour I have ever done was the last Moons UK tour. We just had the best laugh and all really enjoyed it for the right reasons. I loved the challenge of everywhere we played and watching the crowd grow is exciting. Our Moons fans are fantastic and I love them all. They are loyal and it makes me want to give them a better show and try and meet them all. It’s really hard at the moment for bands like us to break though as the industry has collapsed and shrunken. So I am always grateful of all our fans coming to our shows and buying our record. My belief makes them believe and their belief makes me believe.. I look forward to the next one

Q: Lastly, we’ve been asking artists to recall the first gig they remember going to, or that stands out. Could you enlighten us?

As a kid I never got to see live music as money was tough but I will say that a recent gig I went to was fantastic and that was a Stone Roses show in London. It was a secret gig with no one knowing until close to the time via text message. I was invited by my photographer Scott Mitchell and Bradley Wiggins. Weller was there and Miles Kane was also there so we had a good little gang that night. In fact I knew many people there and there were lots of cool faces wondering around. I was over the moon when Mick Jones of The Clash/BAD came over and said hello to me. Made my day!! It was an exciting vibe in the room like some sort of 60’s happening that you just had to be at. The Stone Roses played a fantastic set and it was my first time I had seen them so it ticked a lot of boxes that night. Great show great vibe. My head wasn’t good the next day though.


The Moons Album “Fables of History” is available now to buy here.

Find out more about The Moons at their Official Facebook Page.


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