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All The Young – Interview


The Dooley brothers – frontman Ryan and bassist Jack – along with guitarist David Cartwright and drummer Will Heaney make up All The Young. Hailing from Stoke, this gritty, working class outfit have been tipped by many a music journo as the 2012 band to watch out for. Now we all know what a curse this can be but All The Young’s debut album, Welcome Home, more than lives up to the hype! Hardcore indie music fans out there who have been crying over Smiths LP’s at the demise of the current scene – sit up and take note – The future could have arrived. Morrisey himself obviously thinks so after inviting the band to support him on tour. With northern connections, good honest song writing, a sibling pairing, killer guitar hooks and a cracking debut album, could history be repeating itself? You know what we mean! All The Young insist though, ‘it’s forward thinking guitar music‘ they are making. So fresh back from touring Europe, thegigreview caught up with them to ask them about their early gig memories, how it’s all been so far and what it was like making their debut album.

Firstly, congrats on the release of the debut album. One thing that hits you when you first listen to the new album is how incredibly ‘vintage indie’ the sound is. It’s like being transported back to the early/mid nineties, is this something you boys set out to achieve with ‘Welcome home’?

Thank you! We were very young during the 90’s so never really saw it for ourselves, but we are definitely influenced by a lot of music from that time. We wanted to make more of a forward thinking modern guitar record though, without wearing our influences on our sleeve too much. That said we do feel that there isn’t enough great guitar music on the radio or in the charts at the moment. British rock and roll is one of this country’s finest exports, but it seems like some people in the industry are set on killing it off. We’re battling against that and will continue to do so.

Having released 4 singles already, I’d imagine it wasn’t hard to find enough material for the album? Were there any that reluctantly didn’t make it?

We chose 10 tracks from roughly about 15. We’ve always known what our strongest songs are, so there wasn’t much debate about what tracks made the record.

As far as touring goes, you’ve just finished your UK dates and are now in Europe. How did the UK gigs go down?

The last UK tour was immense, it was the first time we’ve played to packed out rooms on a nightly basis. As I mentioned before, it’s quite tough at the moment for guitar bands, so we’re relying on our live show and good old fashioned word of mouth to get people involved in what we’re doing. It seems to be working though as we’ve got a really dedicated following all over the UK, and one that is growing all over Europe.

 Lately we’ve been asking bands to recall the experience of the first live gig they can remember going to? Could you tell us yours?

Me and Ryan went to see Supergrass at Wolverhampton Civic Hall in 1998. We were 10 and 11 years old. Our Dad bought us a copy of the NME and said, choose a gig and I’ll take you. We’d loved Supergrass for a while so it was a no brainer. I remember feeling completely blown away.

If you had to sum up the experience to date in 3 words, what would they be?

Testing, rewarding, exciting.

Your sound has been compared to some of the greats – Oasis, The Clash, The Smiths & The Stone Roses – are these bands you feel have inspired you or are people way off the mark?

Add The Cure to that list and you’ve got my top 5 favourite bands ever! It’s great to be compared to artists like that. Their track record speaks for itself. Hopefully one day we’ll be mentioned in a similar vein.

Morrissey is a big fan and asked you to tour with him? How did that come about?

We played a gig at Proud Galleries in Camden, and as we were warming up I just saw him sat down sipping a beer. I was pretty blown away so didn’t tell the other lads, incase we went onstage feeling star struck! After the show he joined us in our dressing room for a few drinks and a chat, and he invited us to play some shows. He’s a very humble chap, and a complete gentleman.

[youtube id=”EoLGasV7pIM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We’re nearly into festival season now, which fields can we see you entertaining the masses in and will you be hoping to catch a glimpse of the Roses comeback?

We’re playing Hurricane and Southside in Germany which the Stone Roses will be doing, so we’ll see them then. We’ve also got Heaton Park tickets so if we’re not busy we’ll be there too. We’ve got a load of UK festivals to announce very soon, but can’t say too much just yet.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2012?

Keep gigging, keep spreading the word, keep giving people the best live show we possibly can, and have a few tear ups while we’re at it, of course.

Finally, tell us what All The Young bring to the current music scene and (if anything) what it needs more of?

We put 200% into every live show we ever do, whether it’s in front of 5 people or 5,000. These days, I’m not sure how many acts can say that.

Congrats on a brilliant Debut and good luck with the rest of 2012!

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