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Interview with Charlotte of The Subways


If you’ve experienced The Subways live, then you’ll know, they need no introduction. Billy, Charlotte and Josh make up the energetic combination that have been tearing up live venues all over the world since the huge success of their debut album Young For Eternity. Having just released Money and Celebrity, their 3rd album, The Subways are about to embark on yet another tour taking in dates in Europe and the UK. Blonde bombshell Bassist and all round hip rock chick, Charlotte Cooper, took the time out to talk to TGR and tells us how the summer should be huge for the band, what influenced the sound of the new album and the first time a live show was set to fireworks…

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. Firstly, how was the last tour for ‘Money and Celebrity’ and please tell us more about the Celebrity Demolition Derby gig ?

The last tour we did was amazing, the best tour we’ve ever done! We went to some places we’ve never been to before like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Italy and went back to places we love like Germany and Czech Republic. The Demolition Derby was crazy! First time we’ve ever played with fireworks! It was such an exciting experience and we got to watch a lot of the races too.

You will hit the UK in May, finishing up in London. What venues are you looking forward to playing the most? Any that have always held a little place in your heart?

It’s going to be awesome to play Shepherd’s Bush again. We have some brilliant memories from playing there on our first album. Billy jumped off the balcony – possibly his most daring ever stage antic! It’s been a while since we’ve been to Edinburgh too and I love it there.

The Gig Review is all about giving the fans a chance to share their gig reviews with the world. Is there anyone that’s blown you away live recently?

Our two support bands on the last tour were amazing – The Dancers and The Computers. I watched them every night and was always excited to see them. The Dancers play quite pop indie music and The Computers sound like punk if it was played in the 50s!

You have a rich history of playing festivals, obviously starting with your big break at Glastonbury as part of their new bands competition back in 2005. Can we look forward to seeing you at any festivals this summer?

Yes and we can’t wait! The summer schedule is being pieced together at the moment and its going to be huge!

You’re quite a seasoned band now having released 3 albums and been on the circuit around 8 years or so. Most bands disappear after a couple of years. What do you think has been the key to your longevity? Do you think playing live regularly helps?

We just love what we do. We love being on tour and will keep playing as long as people will have us!

Tell us a little bit about the new album ‘Money and Celebrity’ and the sound.

We think Money and Celebrity sounds like a mix between the pop melodies of the first album and the heavier more energetic sound of the second album. Lyrically, Billy was very influenced by things he observed occurring in our society. The financial crisis, which we experienced firsthand with friends losing their jobs and it seemed like every time we turned the TV on something else insane had happened. The theme of celebrity relates to the rise of the obsession with celebrity culture, reality TV shows and how ridiculous we think it is.

Like The Subways, TGR are also from Hertfordshire. How proud are you of the area in which it all started for you and was it a big inspiration for your songs?

Even though Josh and I have moved on to different places, we still feel a strong connection to Hertfordshire and Essex. The band is still based there and we rehearse at the same studio, Graphic Nature.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, we appreciate it. Good luck with the tour and see you in London in May!

Thank you! see you there!

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