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Noisey present an exclusive Beady Eye Documentary – Watch

[youtube id=”g-T0qAKS41A” width=”580″ height=”350″] have released an exclusive Beady Eye documentary in which Liam Gallagher reveals he’d “rather go work in McDonalds”
than be in a band with Noel and talks of “The Oasis Disease”

The film, called “Start Anew?: On The Campaign Trail WIth Beady Eye” follows the band and Liam Gallagher as he tries to step out of the shadows of Oasis with the release of Beady Eye’s second album ‘Be.’

Over the past couple of months, Noisey has had exclusive access to one of the most iconic figures in British music, Liam Gallagher.

Why is Gallagher so adamant to start afresh? “I don’t want to be singing someone else’s songs for the rest of my life” and “I dont want to be in a band with someone who’s in control all the time” he says of Noel.

From rehearsals and interviews to instores and playbacks, Noisey documents the story of our kid as he and his band attempt to prove that they are more than the sum of their parts and that this record will take them in a new direction.

In Liam’s own words, “I wouldn’t put it out if I was nervous. I hope people like it. If they don’t they can go fuck themselves.”


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