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Children Of The Sun – Klaxons

4.0 10 OK

A week after the well received announcement of their first single There Is No Other Time, the new AA single Children Of The Sun from Klaxons is nothing short of a journey though the psychedelic New Rave space-time continuum, with weaving mixes of spiraling industrial type sound effects and monstrous bass powerful enough to get you moving against your will. Klaxons, along with Producer Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers, who served this track up with a slice of his acid trip vibe, came together to make this massive rock-rave track special.

After a long awaited return to the dance scene, Klaxons have made a quality blend of genres, a skill that is hard to get right, and very hard to come by. The track is truly a sign of the bands progression throughout their previous albums; the fiery wall of electronic noise is still accompanied with their maintained indie sound to achieve this perfect mix. A lower velocity compared to their older releases, as the beat and the lyrics are more simplistic, but what is lost in energy has been made up for in the sheer explosive nature of every demonic chant and alien sound effect. This song is ready to rattle the ribcages and take over the minds of dance enthusiasts everywhere. Children Of The Sun is most definitely a tune that says, ‘we’re back, and we’re fresher than ever’.

At this point, anticipation for the spring release of their upcoming album is bubbling, and if the rest is follows suit, we’ll be expecting Klaxons to storm back onto the scene all guns blazing, expect to hear this track, along with others, everywhere. Children Of The Sun ticks every floor filling box there is, so do yourself a favour, turn that bass up and listen to it on full volume.


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