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Liked or disliked an album you’ve listened to lately? Been blown away by a live performance and want to share it with the world?

Discovered a new talent that you’d love to wax lyrical about? Then this is the website for you! Writing for us couldn’t be easier, once signed up, you will have access to our ‘Writers Admin Area‘ where you can add reviews and update your Author profile.

You don’t need to be a professional journalist, we just require passion and opinion. Your reviews can earn you entry to other gigs of your choice to review on our behalf. Let’s see how it works:

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I’ve already been to a gig or reviewed an album and would like to submit my review. How do I?

You need to sign up first here. This takes seconds. Then you will be able to log in to the ‘Writers Admin Area‘ and upload your review. Not all reviews are published, so If you want to just submit a paragraph first then you can do so here.

If there is a gig/album I’d like to review, what should I do?

Firstly, contact us with details of the artist, venue and date. If you have a contact you have spoken to then include this information. We will then put forward a request for you. All requests must go through The Gig Review if you are to represent us unless we have advised you otherwise.

I would like to contact the band PR/Management/Venue myself, is this OK?

All requests must go through The Gig Review, it’s fine to contact them directly AFTER you have spoken to us and we have approved you as a reviewer.

Do I need to show a pass/ID when arriving at the gig?

We have a system of identifying yourself as a writer, you will be notified of this once you have been assigned a gig by us. We do have a ‘TGR Writers Card‘ you will receive after a certain amount of submitted reviews.

Do you pay me for my review?

We do not offer any money for your reviews. If we assign you to review a gig, then normally the entry will be free for you however, we cannot guarantee this. We do not reimburse any expenses. TGR survives on user contribution and in return we will endeavour to get you to the gigs you want to be at. Along with that your review is in-front of our huge (and daily increasing) audience.

How long do the reviews need to be?

We ask for a minimum 300 words. Obviously the longer and more detailed your review the better it will be received. Ultimately though, it’s down to you unless otherwise advised in the gig assignment doc.

I’d like to take photo’s at a gig, is this possible?

Photo passes are extremely difficult to get and tend to be only for professionals. If you are a professional or  semi-pro photographer, then we can definitely request one for you.

Can I interview an artist?

As you’d imagine, artists are short on time at gigs, therefore interview time is very rare. Feel free to request this though either before the gig or on the night if you can find a contact. If you would like to interview an artist in general (e.g – not at a gig) then let us know first.

I have a review from the past, do you still want it?

Yes indeed. All reviews will be considered. Not all will be accepted.

What photo should I submit with my review?

Only submit a photo you have the rights to. You can sometimes find photo’s on the artist website or Flickr that have been licensed to use. We have a database of artists photo’s so if in doubt ask

What format should my review be written in?

Check reviews on the site to see what format we use. Bold words that are important, such as artist name, song name etc to make them stand out. Keep paragraphs short as this helps when reading.